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Emma Goes to Magic School


Emma Goes to Magic School

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game by CallisTek


Team PlanetDressUp presents: Emma Goes to Magic School!
Emma wants to learn magic, she goes to a magic school! But before she learns sorcery and stuffs, she must have pick the most magical outfit to wear! Help Emma be the loveliest magician in the school, choose from a wide assortment of tops and bottoms, from head to toe! Adorn her with the most magical getup.
In Emma Goes to Magic School, you can take and save pictures of your doll to send to everyone! You can also save your doll and load it again whenever you want to edit it!
28 Tops
28 Bottoms
28 Pairs of Shoes
6 Skintones
28 Hairstyles of different colors
16 Accessories
4 Backgrounds