Jessie is Not Afraid of Ghosts

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game by CallisTek


Jessie is Not Afraid of Ghosts!
Team PlanetDressUp, with a better... Stronger... Faster new engine, presents: Jessie Is Not Afraid of Ghosts, a dress-up game with over 250 MILLION possible combinations!
This new engine also presents a new reward system. Every day that you play a game you will receive some digital money that you can use to reclaim great rewards.
Jessie has always been into magic and she always knew that she could be part of that world. Now that she has finally developed her powers she is ready to join the magic world!
Show she is not afraid of anything! Choose her skin color, the top, bottom, hair, shoes, accessories and background.
28 Tops
28 Bottoms
28 Hairstyles
6 Skin Colors
28 Shoes
17 Accessories
4 Backgrounds