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Koala Jo Loves Adventure


Koala Jo Loves Adventure

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game by CallisTek


Team PlanetDressUp presents: Koala Jo Loves Adventure!
It's adventure time!
Koala Jo loves adventure, along with it comes her array sets of getup for each journey! Help her prepare for her biggest adventure with the most fashionable attire she could ever have! Choose from her stylish wardrobe from tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories to unique hairstyles, skin tones and many more! Let her standout and let the fashionable adventure begins!
3 Skin Tones
7 Pairs of Eyes
8 Noses
17 Pairs of Ears
14 Hairstyles
10 Tops
6 Bottoms
11 Head-wears
12 Accessories
4 Pairs of Shoes
4 Backgrounds